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Tropic Marin Pro Reef Sea Salt

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Tropic Marin Pro Reef Sea Salt allows you to mix up your own perfect saltwater mix, filled with minerals which increase the health of your coral reef. Please note we get deliveries on Thursdays so we will ship Thursday onwards.


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Tropic Marin® PRO-REEF Sea Salt has been designed to meet the special requirements of reef aquariums with optimized concentrations of calcium and magnesium, which promote the growth of corals. The lower buffering and the correct pH value serve to stabilize the natural water values, and particularly, the hardness of carbonates, even with the use of calcium reactors. Natural and stable conditions for delicate marine life are achieved only by accurately balancing all influencing factors.

Tropic Marin® PRO-REEF is thus the ideal foundation for the care and growth of fish, corals and other aquatic invertebrates in modern reef aquariums. Use seawater prepared with Tropic Marin® PRO-REEF for regular water changes in your seawater aquarium, to start a new aquarium and to re-equilibrate the pH of a tank.

• Optimizes calcium- and magnesium concentrations as well as alkalinity and pH.
• Designed to meet the special requirements of modern reef aquaria with higher calcium requirements.
• Especially designed for use with calcium reactors or mineral additives.
• To maintain the alkalinity in a 7-8° dKH range.
• Manufactured from pure, pharmaceutical-grade salts.
• Contains all major- and minor elements in the exact proportions found in tropical seawater.
• The 70 trace elements are completely soluble due to the use of the mixed-crystal method.
• Compliance with the most stringent quality control measures for the production of pharmaceuticals ensures nature-identical seawater.
• Produced with pharmaceutically pure salts, without any nitrate or phosphate additives or other unnatural enrichments.

How to use:
To achieve a salinity level of 32-35 ‰ (psu), dissolve 35 ml of Tropic Marin® PRO-REEF per litre or approximately ½ cup of Tropic Marin® PRO-REEF per US gallon water. Dissolve almost all of the salt in a clean container already filled with the full volume of RO/DI water at a temperature of 73-77°F / 23-25°C while circulating/stirring the water. Do not concentrate the mixture by adding the full amount of salt to a smaller amount of water.

Note: Always add the salt to the water, never the water to the salt. Making a concentrated mixture will cause a calcium carbonate precipitate to form.

When you have added ALMOST all of the salt and the mixture is fully dissolved and clear, start measuring the specific gravity with a hydrometer or similar instrument. Keep adding small amounts of salt until the specific gravity is the value you desire. The specific gravity of the sea salt solution should range from 1.025 to 1.027 (at 73-77°F / 23-25°C) and the pH-value should be in the range of 8.0 – 8.4. If all parameters ​​are correct, the saltwater is ready to use.

After setting up a new aquarium it takes a few weeks of water being circulated and correct lighting conditions to achieve the biologically stable environment required for the care and breeding of delicate marine organisms.

A weekly, partial water change, replacing 10 % of the total water volume with Tropic Marin® PRO-REEF, will help to maintain the water quality that your livestock needs for good health.

Parameters: approx. 7° KH, calcium approx. 440 ppm, magnesium approx. 1350 ppm

Application: For reef tanks with higher calcium requirements. To maintain the alkalinity in a 7-8° dKH range; particularly suitable when using a calcium reactor.

Use the new dosing calculator for an easy determination of the required amount of salt for your aquarium.

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