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  • Salifert Profi-Test Kits – KH + Alkalinity

    £8.98 Including VAT

    Test your aquarium’s alkalinity levels using this Salifert Profi-Test Kit – KH + Alkalinity, as well as your water’s general hardness, ensuring that conditions are right in your tank for coral and fish health and happiness.

    Salifert Profi-Test Kits – KH + Alkalinity (Carbonate Hardness) is an ideal addition to any aquarist’s store cupboard.

    The Carbonate Hardness or KH level of the water in a reef aquarium is a vital component for healthy and strong coral growth. The KH level denotes how alkali or acidic the water is, which can affect fish and coral health if it isn’t at the right level.

    The ideal range for a reef aquarium is between 8.1 and 8.4, so regular testing means that you can monitor this sensitive level. Salifert’s precise tests are sensitive enough to detect even the smallest change.

    With enough solution to perform between 100-200 tests, this kit is not only reliable but long-lasting too.

  • Salifert Nitrate Test Kit

    £7.99 Including VAT

    Nitrate testing

    When an aquarium has insufficient regions deprived of oxygen (= anaerobic zones) or denitrification proceeds incompletely then nitrate will build-up.

    A too high nitrate concentration can result in unwanted algae-growth and these might irritate corals in their neighbourhood.

    Nitrate as such also retards coral growth.

    The nitrate concentration in a proper functioning reef aquarium should preferably be lower than 1 mg/L. Fish-only aquariums would usually show much higher nitrate concentrations.

    Most test kits use a procedure in which a certain part of nitrate is converted chemically into nitrite and is measured as such.

    Once again, just as with nitrite testing, amine interference has a major impact on the measured value. If such an interference occurs concentrations much lower than actual will be measured.



    Many nitrate test kits are prone to amine interference. This can give results much lower than actual.

    The Salifert nitrate test does not suffer from such amine interference. The very special ingredients allow a very fast and precise measurement.

    The range spans from very low to a very high nitrate concentration (approx. 0.05 – 20 mg/L as Nitrate-Nitrogen or 0.2 – 100 mg/L as nitrate ion).

  • Sale! Salifert Profi-Test Kits Phosphate

    Salifert Profi-Test Kits – Phosphate

    £11.99 £10.79 Including VAT

    High phosphate levels act as fertiliser for algae in your aquarium, so monitoring them to ensure their levels stay low is important if you want to avoid a nasty bloom of algae in the near future, which you can do easily with a Salfiert Profi Test kit for phosphates.

  • Salifert Profi-Test Kits - Strontium

    Salifert Profi-Test Kits – Strontium

    £20.69 Including VAT

    Use this Profi-Test Kits – Strontium to test your strontium levels in your aquarium, which may be depleted by the corals living inside your tan, and may need to be topped up to achieve a healthy water chemistry for your fish and corals.

  • Red Sea Nitrate Pro Test Kit

    £31.95 Including VAT

    Red Sea Nitrate ProTest Kit.


    Element : N-NO3
    Accuracy : 0.06 ppm
    Range : 0.06 – 15 ppm
    Test Type : Comparator
    No of Test : 100

    All Pro Test Kits come in a durable plastic housing and use optically clear, analytical lab grade glass test vials.

    Used for testing of Nitrate in the aquarium.

    Can also be used as part of Stage 2 – Algae Nutrient Control in the Red Sea Reef Care Program. The Algae Nutrient Control Stage provides a complete solution for testing and controlling nuisance algae and promote coral colouration. Also, test for Phosphate with the Red Sea Phosphate Pro Test Kit. To control these NO3 and PO4 levels use the N: P-X treatment.

    This product is part of the new Red Sea unique Reef Care Program, look out for other products from this range by choosing Red Sea. The Red Sea reef care program is the result of over 5 years of research from Red Sea scientists resulting in an unparalleled understanding of the requirements of coral aquariums. The Red Sea Reef Care Program provides a holistic solution to maintaining a flourishing coral reef aquarium. It even allows beginners to achieve stunning SPS aquariums.

  • Salifert Nitrite Test Kit

    £7.99 Including VAT

    Salifert Nitrite Test Kit 60 Tests


    Nitrite testing

    Nitrite is a substance that is toxic to fish and invertebrates.

    It is a misconception that once a tank is through its cycle (first 3 or 4 weeks) that nitrite has vanished.

    Many nitrite test kits suffer from interference by amines (such as naturally occurring and essential amino acids) resulting in a too low measured value especially if the nitrite concentration is relatively low.

    Nitrite is converted to nitrate in properly cycled aquariums. The thus formed nitrate is transformed into harmless nitrogen gas (=denitrification). This happens in areas deprived of oxygen within the live rock and miscellaneous filter materials.

    Before it can be transformed to nitrogen gas the nitrate is first converted back to nitrite. When for whatever reason this particular cycle can not be completed, toxic nitrite can be present in significant concentration and readily be detected by test kits that do not suffer from amine interference.



    Many nitrite test kits have the potency to suffer from amine interference resulting in toxic nitrite not being detected.

    Salifert’s Nitrite test kit does not suffer from such an amine interference because very special ingredients are used.

    These same ingredients also result in a full-colour development within minutes. The developed colour is very intense making detection of even minute traces of nitrite easy. It probably is the most sensitive, accurate and fastest nitrite test kit available.

  • Salifert Copper Test Kits

    £6.49 Including VAT

    Salifert Copper Test Kit 50 Tests


    • Copper is often used as a treatment for parasite infested fish and it is essential that the correct concentration is used as too high levels can be toxic to marine fish and invertebrates.

    • Tap water can also be naturally high in copper and it is, therefore, advisable to test for this on a regular basis.

    • The Salifert test kit offers a very sensitive and accurate test for measuring dissolved or weakly chelated copper from 0.05mg/L to 2mg/L.

    • Lasts for several copper cures or provides sufficient for up to 50 tests on tap or aquarium water as a routine check.

  • Salifert Ammonia Test Kit

    £7.49 Including VAT

    Salifert Ammonia Test Kit 50 Test


    Ammonia and ammonium are substances which should be converted rapidly into nitrite followed by nitrate and nitrogen gas.

    If this does not happen then the aquarium is not fully cycled or biological processes are not proceeding as they should.

    Ammonia is toxic and lethal to aquarium fishes.


    The Salifert Ammonia test is very straightforward and measures the sum of toxic ammonia and ammonium in just a few minutes.

    The kit can perform approx. 50 measurements and can detect 0.5 ppm of total ammonia easily.

  • Salifert pH Profi-Test Kit

    £6.99 Including VAT

    The pH value in a marine tank has a major impact on the growth of corals and calcareous algae and on many biological processes. The pH should not be allowed to fluctuate more than approx. 0.2 units during any 24 hour period and should preferably be kept above 8.2. • If the pH is too low then the cause may be too low alkalinity and/or a build-up of carbon dioxide caused by insufficient aeration • A low pH can be corrected by improving aeration and by increasing the alkalinity using the Salifert KH + pH Buffer 250ml. • The Salifert Test Kit is sufficiently accurate to monitor minor pH fluctuations and is scaled from pH 7.4 – 8.7. • Sufficient for 50 tests – For marine water only!