Salifert Profi-Test Kits – Magnesium


Salifert Profi-Test Kits – Magnesium: ensure your aquarium magnesium levels are just right for your corals with this easy to use and accurate test kit, giving you reliable results that can affect the health of your coral reef.

Use the Salifert Magnesium Profi-Test Kit to accurately measure magnesium in your aquarium.

Magnesium is a vital element in any aquarium as it is used by corals and coralline algae to build strong skeletal formations and healthy development. It’s also an element of chlorophyll which is necessary for vital photosynthesis to occur.

Salifert Test Kits are very sensitive and will provide the most accurate reading possible. The magnesium reading is not affected by strontium or calcium levels, so you can be confident of the most precise readings.

Magnesium is naturally depleted by corals, algae and other life forms within the tank, so it is important to regularly test and replenish the amount available. Use a magnesium supplement to restore levels to a good, healthy level.

Easy to use, and accurate, this test kit contains 50 tests, so it’s long-lasting too.


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Salifert Profi-Test Kits – Magnesium


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