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RO-300 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis 300 US GPD

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RO-300 300gpd 4-stage reverse osmosis water filter system with in-built pressure gauge suitable for use with aquariums, drinking water, pharmaceuticals, plant propagation and window cleaning.

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RO-300 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis 300 US GPD

This RO-300 professional 4-stage water filtration system is economical and easy to use. It thoroughly purges your water of various types of pollution. The filtration process is based on three in-line cartridges. This system will remove impurities such as sand, rust, suspended particles to the size of 5 microns, chlorine, organic matter, reduce the hardness of your water and improve its taste and aroma. An advantage of this system is that it has a wide range of interchangeable water filter cartridges, so the system can be freely configured according to your needs with the use of sediment, speciality and carbon filter cartridges.

A high quality “three-layer-configuration” composite membrane, which consists of a thin polymer layer deposited on top of a porous polymer layer on top of a non-woven fabric support sheet, facilitates the removal of mechanical impurities, bacteria and viruses. A further key feature of this system is an in-built pressure gauge which allows for pressure drop monitoring.

This 4-stage water filtration system is factory tested and ready to use with connection hardware, tubing and instruction manual, all of which is designed to make installation and maintenance quick and easy without the need for a plumber.

It is offered as a complete set with filter cartridges, RO membrane, additional accessories and valves to prevent the membrane from becoming dried out.

System Specifications:

System dimensions (H x W x D): 480 x 220 x 360 (mm)
Working Temp.: 5°C – 40°C (41ºF – 104ºF)
Operating Pressure: 3 bar (43.5 psi) – 6 bar (87 psi) If your incoming water pressure is above 4 bar a pressure regulator should be installed.
Inlet feed water connector: 3/8”
Flow rate: 300 gallons-per-day
Waste to product ratio is 3 to 1 (approximately 25 – 30 litres of pure water per hour)
Typical Rejection Rate: 98% TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) < 1800 ppm
pH Parameters: 2 – 11
Iron: 0.2 ppm maximum
Turbidity < 5 NTU
Weight: 11kg
Recommendations for Use:

Point-of-Use (POU) systems can filter out bad tastes, colours, odours, particulates, which pose no health risk but still affect the water quality
Recommended for ice-making, tea and coffee, baby formula, pet feeding, beauty, washing, dietary/medical requirements, plants
Kitchen compact, perfect for families of all sizes, and will easily fit into any under counter space
This system will improve the aesthetics of water used for drinking and cooking
Complete Package Contains:

The RO-300 is supplied with the following cartridges: PP, GAC, CTO
FDA approved water filter housings (including o’rings)
Feed water connector (can be fitted to copper mains water pipe)
300gpd RO membrane
Drain saddle valve, spanners for filter and RO housings
1/4″ tubing for system connection (5 metres)
3/8″ tubing for system connection (5 metres)
1200cc flow restrictor, manual flush switch
Automatic shut-off valve
Instructions manual
Pressure gauge
ADVISORY: Avoid cheap water filtration systems and cartridges which have no testing credentials or certifications, and often leach harmful chemicals into the water which are linked to cancer, birth defects and infertility. In addition, cheap components may also lead to membrane fouling, leaks and general poor performance.


PP – 10″ sediment cartridge (pre-filter) melt-blown polypropylene. 5 micron sediment filter traps dirt, sediment, rust and other particulate matter.
GAC – 10” granular activated carbon cartridge (pre-filter). Coconut shell granular carbon is used to reduce chlorine, colour, taste, odour, pesticides and volatile organic compounds.
CTO – 10″ coconut shell carbon cartridge (pre-filter). Activated carbon block assures high-quality pure water by further reducing chlorine, colour, taste, odour.
300GPD RO Membrane – Single thin film composite reverse osmosis membrane (300 GPD – US Gallons), 0.0001 micron. Semi-permeable membrane removes salts, minerals, metals, bacteria, viruses, cysts, TDS, hardness, fluoride, pesticides, lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and more. Due to the time needed to remove all these ingredients we strongly recommend purchasing a water storage tank with your RO system.
Important: Do not use with water that is micro-biologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system. Water filtration systems can help reduce the presence of contaminants. In addition, some water filtration systems can help reduce the presence of micro-organisms or other contaminants that pose potential health risks. Regularly scheduled maintenance and replacement of the filter cartridges is recommended in order for the product to perform as specified.

Replace the filter cartridges at least every 3 or 6 months (depending on water quality).

Replace the RO membrane every 2 to 3 years (depending on water quality).

Limited Warranty: Vyair warrants that this product is free from defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty, together with any and all warranties implied by law, shall be limited to a period of twelve (12) months from the date of original purchase. This limited warranty does not apply to failures that result from abuse, misuse, alteration or failure to properly comply with installation, or cartridge change instructions. Vyair strongly recommends adding to all point of use filtration systems a Pressure Limiting Valve (contact us for further details) to guard against unwanted extreme water pressure events, pressure increases, surges, and water hammer which could occur in the water pipes. Not having one installed could mean that if you ever did have to claim damage caused by a burst water filter system, your claim could be denied.

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