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We have a wide range of putty & glue available for use in many different ways in your aquarium.

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  • tmc reefers epoxy putty

    Reefers Epoxy Putty Coralline Algae 120g

    £7.95 Including VAT

    The Reefers Epoxy Putty is an epoxy putty, ideal for connecting reef rocks, corals, and living stones in saltwater aquariums.

    The TMC Reefers Putty can be easily mixed together and can be used to fix corals in crevices. The colour is similar to the purple of the natural limestone red algae that form on living rock so that it blends in inconspicuously.

    • Natural coralline algae colour.
    • Mix two parts in even quantities and knead until thoroughly mixed.
    • Working time: 2 hours
    • Full cure: 24 hours