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Pumped 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis 100 GPD with DI Resin Stage

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RO-100MP 4 stage 100gpd reverse osmosis water filter system including pump and colour-change DI resin stage for fish & aquariums.

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Pumped 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis 100 GPD DI Resin Stage

Our RO-100MP pumped 4-stage RO system is a new type of aquarium filter. Water after it has been passed through an RO system has a reduced pH*. It is an excellent source to prepare appropriate conditions for aquatic organisms.

This system is equipped with four filtration stages, which are explained below.

If you want to achieve 0ppm, and your incoming TDS is above 200ppm, we would sometimes recommend that you install a secondary DI resin stage. This would depend on your starting TDS and and the application you require this unit for. @e would suggest calling our technical team to discuss your requirements further.

Our aquarium filter is factory tested and ready to use with connection hardware, tubing and instruction manual, all of which is designed to make installation and maintenance quick and easy without the need for a plumber.

It is offered as a complete set with filter cartridges, RO membrane, DI resin, additional accessories and valves to prevent the membrane from becoming dried out.

*pH of water after RO system depends on source water.

System Specifications:

System dimensions (H x W x D): 160 x 155 x 345 (mm)
Working Temp.: 5°C – 40°C (41ºF – 104ºF)
Operating Pressure: 2.8 bar (40 psi) – 6.0 bar (90 psi) If your incoming water pressure is above 4 bar a pressure regulator should be installed.
Inlet feed water connector: 1/4”
Flow rate: 100 gallons-per-day
Typical Rejection Rate: 98% TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) < 1800 ppm
pH Parameters: 2 – 11
Iron: 0.2 ppm maximum
Turbidity < 5 NTU
Pump Specifications:

Flow: 0.75 l/min
Model: TYP-2600
Max. inlet pressure: 25 psi
Max. outlet pressure: 80.0 psi
Dimensions (H x W x L): 25cm x 7cm x 7cm
Working Current: 0.85A
Power: 24V/DC
Transformer Ampage: 2A
Recommendations for Use:

Point-of-Use (POU) systems will remove all unwanted contaminants that find their way into ground water supplies, directly affecting the quality of commercial and domestic mains water.
Recommended especially for use with hydroponics and sensitive aquatic organisms requiring water that has been purged of dissolved solids and other particulate matter found in untreated water.
Ideal also for household use, perfect for small families, kitchen compact and will easily fit into any under counter space.
Complete Package Contains:

The RO-100MP is supplied with the following cartridges: PP, CTO
TYP-2600 100GPD Pump
FDA approved water filter housings (including o’rings)
Feed water connector (can be fitted to copper mains water pipe)
RO membrane element type: RO-1812-100 thin film composite
Drain saddle valve, spanners for filter and RO housings
10″ transparent housing for DI resin chamber
630ML MB-115 mixed-bed colour-change DI resin
1/4″ tubing for system connection (5 metres)
400cc flow restrictor, automatic and manual flush switch
Automatic shut-off valve
Instructions manual

PP – 10″ sediment cartridge (pre-filter) melt-blown polypropylene. 5 micron sediment filter traps dirt, sediment, rust and other particulate matter.
CTO – 10″ coconut shell carbon cartridge (pre-filter). Activated carbon block filter is used to reduce chlorine, colour, taste, odour and other organic impurities.
100GPD Membrane – Thin film composite reverse osmosis membrane (100 GPD – US Gallons), 0.0001 micron. Semi-permeable membrane removes salts, minerals, metals, bacteria, viruses, cysts, TDS, hardness, fluoride, pesticides, lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and more. Due to the time needed to remove all these ingredients we strongly recommend purchasing a water storage tank with your RO system.
MB-115 Colour Change Resin – Mixture of cation and anion de-ionisation resin combined in a 40/60 blend. Mixed-bed demineralizer is used for final water polishing to clean the last few ions within water prior to use. A single pass through a mixed-bed ion-exchange column results in the purest water that can possibly be made.
Important: Do not use with water that is micro-biologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system. Water filtration systems can help reduce the presence of contaminants. In addition, some water filtration systems can help reduce the presence of micro-organisms or other contaminants that pose potential health risks.

As with all RO diaphragm pumps they are not designed for 24/7 operation and you need to rest the pump for 30 minutes every 4 hours. This can be achieved using a low cost plug-in timer.

Limited Warranty: Vyair warrants that this product is free from defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty, together with any and all warranties implied by law, shall be limited to a period of twelve (12) months from the date of original purchase. This limited warranty does not apply to failures that result from abuse, misuse, alteration or failure to properly comply with installation, or cartridge change instructions. Vyair strongly recommends adding to all point of use filtration systems a Pressure Limiting Valve (contact us for further details) to guard against unwanted extreme water pressure events, pressure increases, surges, and water hammer which could occur in the water pipes. Not having one installed could mean that if you ever did have to claim damage caused by a burst water filter system, your claim could be denied.

Pump care:

Do not run a pump for more than 4 hours continuously. This is to stop the pump from overheating and becoming damaged. To achieve this, we would suggest installing some form of timer, so that after 4 hours of operation the pump has a 15-30 minute break. This will enable the pump to cool down.

The warranty for the pump would be null and void if no timer is used. If there is an issue with the pump we would ask for evidence of a timer being used to allow the item to be covered by the warranty

Do not allow the pump to run dry (without an active water source) as this will damage the pump. The only time that we would suggest running the pump without an active water supply is if you have a low pressure switch wired into the pump, as this will automatically switch the pump off when the incoming water flow is turned off.

The warranty for the pump would be null and void if used in an application of running dry without a low pressure switch- We will ask for evidence of use of a low pressure switch to receive a warranty replacements of the pump

We suggest that the pumps are permanently mounted. This is to stop any potential for the pump to vibrate and become damaged.

We will ask for evidence of how the pump is mounted for the item to be covered by its warranty.

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