Montipora Corals are one of the best types of coral for beginner hobbyists because of their ease of care and growth rate.

They display many different types of growth patterns and color morphs.

From plating structures to branching to encrusting to a mixture of all three, the shapes they take on can be diverse even among the same species in two different aquariums.

They should usually be placed midway in your reef as they like a medium amount of light, but those that plate or encrust should be positioned near the bottom of your reef as they can easily be burned.

All species of Montipora love higher flow levels, so be sure to provide them with plenty of water circulation.

Montiporas are not aggressive at all and should not be kept near aggressive corals. Be sure to give them plenty of room so they do not grow into a more aggressive species or shade a nearby coral.

They prefer fine particulate food like Zooplankton, but do not require to be target fed as they will pick up the food as it floats around your reef. View our inventory of Montipora corals for sale below.

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