Frequently Asked Questions

Coral Information

If you’d like to know more about a coral just click on the View button below its picture. This will take you to the individual coral’s page where you can find out about the lighting and flow it prefers as well as how aggressive it may be to other corals. We also provide tips for its general care, description and further photos of the coral.

Certainly, we want you to enjoy your coral and for it to do well in your tank. We give guidance for lighting, flow and aggression on every coral (just click the View button below the coral’s picture to see it) as well as tips for its general care. We also provide the general water parameters that all our corals are grown.

If you would like more information about the coral either before or after you’ve bought it just send us an email or use the contact form on this site. As we’ve kept all our corals for many years we’re well placed to help you with any questions you might have about it.


Corals that are available right now have an add to basket below them whereas corals that we are currently growing but that are not yet ready for sale have a View button.

Corals are living creatures and don’t grow to a fixed schedule so, as all our corals are grown rather than imported, we can’t give an exact date on which a particular coral will be ready. However, if you wish, we can notify you as soon as it is ready and available to buy.

Yes, if you’d like to be notified as soon as the coral is ready click on the view button for the coral you’re interested in and then fill in your email address and press the get an alert button – you will then receive an email as soon as it is ready. Please note we only send this notification email once so if when you return the coral is sold out you will need to click the Mail Me button again if you want to be notified when it is next back in stock again.

When you click the Alert Me button for a coral that is out of stock we send you an email to notify you when it is ready for sale. If you return to buy it and find it’s out of stock this just means that in the time between us sending you the mail and you visiting the site the coral has sold out again. If you’d like to be notified when it is back in stock again just click the ‘Alert Me’ button for the coral.

Placing an Order

If you see a coral and want to buy it just click the add to cart button below it’s picture, add it to your basket and complete the checkout to make your payment. It will then be delivered to your door on the day you choose.

Yes, you can pay using your credit/debit card.

Yes, we are PCI compliant when you pay using a debit or credit at checkout though Barclays and 100% secure payments.

Being PCI compliant means consistently adhering to a set of guidelines set forth by the PCI Standards Council. PCI compliance is governed by the PCI Standards Council, an organization formed in 2006 for the purpose of managing the security of credit cards.

Yes, providing you do so by 12 pm on the day before your order is due to be delivered. To add a coral to an existing order just order it as normal and it will be included in your box. Free delivery will be selected during checkout so you don’t pay twice for delivery.

If you’ve placed an order but had problems completing your payment just view your order details and click “Pay Now” to pay for your order. You can pay using debit/credit card. To view your order details go to Account/View Orders and select the order.


We deliver to mainland UK and Northern Ireland due to Brexit and Covid we are unable to ship to Europe for the time being.

For further details about Delivery please see the Coral Shipping Policy page – or message us for further information.

Booking YourDelivery

When you place your order you can book your delivery for any available day up to 30 days later. Pick the date you want from the on-screen calendar displayed during checkout.

Unfortunately not. Couriers operate to a ‘by time and not a ‘from time so, for example, you can book a by 14:00 pm delivery but not a from 11:00 am to 14:00 pm delivery.

Yes, we can but cut off is 14:00 pm to place the coral order.

We deliver corals from Tuesday to Friday except for Bank Holidays or extreme weather conditions.

We do deliver corals on Saturdays for an extra £20.

We are unable to garentee that the driver will leave that the driver will be able to do this or will.

Unfortunately not, the couriers will not phone you in advance of your delivery.

Questions AboutCorals & Delivery

This is actually very rare but if it does happen please do check the tracking first you should have an email the day before with the details (Might be in your junk) your parcel please get in contact with us by 17:00 if they are more than 30 minutes late so that we can investigate for you and update you.

Corals can change tremendously in their appearance from when they’re happily settled in a tank compared to when they’ve spent overnight in a shipping box and it can sometimes be difficult to tell if there is a problem or just a temporary reaction to shipping. In the vast majority of cases, they just need time to settle into their new environment.

If you are at all concerned about the health of the coral please contact us within 4 hours of delivery and at the latest by 5 pm on the day the coral arrives. Please make sure you provide the following information to help us determine the condition of the coral:

Once we have received details of the problem and a photo of the coral we will contact you to advise what happens next.

Live Arrival Guarantee​

Due to the health of our corals and the quality of our packing methods the vast majority arrive in perfect condition (on average 99.4%).

However, if the worst should happen and the coral arrives dead we will, at our discretion, either offer you a replacement or a credit note providing you have met the terms of the Live Arrival Guarantee.

Please ensure you contact us within 4 hours of delivery and at the latest by 5 pm on the day of delivery.

The Live Arrival Guarantee is subject to our general Terms & Conditions.

In the first instance, you should contact us providing a clear photo of the coral in its original packaging along with a description of the problem.

Please make sure you do this within 4 hours of delivery and at the latest by 5 pm on the day of delivery as claims made after this point will not be accepted.

Once we have received details of the problem and a clear photo of the coral we will contact you to advise what happens next.

  • The coral must be signed for on the first delivery attempt.
  • You must have acclimatised the coral(s) according to our Acclimatisation Procedure.
  • The problem must be reported to us within 4 hours of delivery and at the latest by 5pm on the day of delivery.
  • Your report must include a clear photo of the coral in it’s original packaging and a description of the problem.
  • You must provide any and all information we may require.
  • We may ask you to return the coral to us in it’s original packaging.
  • If you request for your delivery to be left in a safe place or with a neighbour the Live Arrival Guarantee is void and no claims will be considered.
  • Please note that delivery and packing charges are not refundable.
  • Applicability of the Live Arrival Guarantee is at the sole discretion of Fraggle Reef and is subject to our general Terms & Conditions.


As a thank you for shopping with us you can now earn Reward Points on every order which you can use to get discounts on future orders. For every £1 you spend on corals you will receive 1 Reward Point.

Points are earned on the total cost of corals excluding delivery.

The points are awarded when your order is complete and are credited to your account.

Your current Reward Points are displayed on your Account page and during checkout where you can choose to redeem some or all of them to get a discount on the total cost of your order.

The value of your Reward Points you enter during checkout is deducted from the order total.

When you place an order you will receive 1 Reward Point for every £1 you spend on corals.

So, if you spend £100 on corals you will earn 100 Reward Points. Reward Points can also be earned by writing a Review – so long as your review meets our review guidelines 10 Reward Points will be credited to your account.

Reward Points were launched on 25th July 2019 and are not retrospective – orders placed before this date do not earn Reward Points. You can, however, earn Reward Points by writing a review of corals you bought before this date.


Tell us and other customers what you thought of our service and the corals you bought by writing a quick review.

By writing a review you can help other customers make their buying decisions and help us improve the quality of our products and services.

As a thank you for your time we’ll credit your account with 25 Reward Points for every review you write that meets our Review Terms & Conditions.

  • Describe what you liked or didn’t like and why.
  • Write enough so that other customers will find your review useful – we’d suggest a minimum of 10 – 15 words.
  • Use your own words.
  • Be sincere – we don’t reject critical reviews as they can be helpful too. If there was something you weren’t happy with suggest how we could do it better.
  • Did your order meet your expectations – were you pleased or disappointed and why?
  • Your review must be in your own words.
  • Your review must not contain anything others may find offensive (e.g. obscenities, profanity or threats).
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