Euphyllia Corals are a Large Polyp Stony (LPS) coral known for their large stone-like skeletons and tentacle heads. Some common Euphyllia Coral include Hammer Corals, Torch Corals, and Frogspawn Corals. When researching Euphyllia Care, there are some important considerations, such as aggression and flow, that are less of a concern for much other corals.

Though not excessively difficult to care for, beginners should hold off until they are successful at caring for a soft coral such as zoanthids or leathers.

What are Euphyllia
Euphyllia, including Hammer Corals, Torch Corals, and Frogspawn Corals, consist of a large, stony skeleton with soft fleshy tentacle-like polyps out of each of the heads. These coral are an LPS coral, with sweeper tentacles that have a sting much like that of an anemone.

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