Ultra Blue Maxima Clam

The clams of interest are of the genus Tridacna. These beautiful clams include T. maximaT. croceaT. squamosa and T. derasa. There is amazing variation in colour and pattern within these species, some resembling living pieces of art, making Tridacna clams highly desirable.

Benefits to your aquarium
Besides their beauty, clams provide another important benefit to a saltwater aquarium: natural filtration. Their superior filtering capabilities offer added stability and nutrient control in a closed aquarium system.

Excess nutrients lead to problems with low pH, algae, and cyanobacteria blooms – general poor water conditions that ultimately affect the health of all inhabitants within the aquarium.

Clams constantly filter nutrients such as ammonia and nitrate from the water thereby reducing the biological load and lowering the overall nitrate level in the aquarium, improving water conditions.