My Experiences With Keeping The Magnificent Anemone

My Experiences with Keeping the Magnificent Anemone

Having kept fresh water fish my whole life, I decided to try salt water fish. One Saturday, I bought – in addition to extra creatures to liven up my fresh water tank – a complete salt water aquarium set-up, three clownfish, one cardinal, one domino, five different kinds of damselfish, and three sea anemones with white-tipped tentacles and bright orange bases.

Bring The Ocean To Your Door With A Great Saltwater Aquarium

Bring the Ocean to Your Door with a Great Saltwater Aquarium

There is no doubt that the oceans of the world are home to some of the most stunningly beautiful creatures on earth. From time immemorial people have harboured a desire to bring this beauty into their homes, and recent advances in the saltwater aquarium hobby have made it a great deal easier to enjoy the splendour of the ocean from your living room couch.

Aquarium Chillers And How They Work

Aquarium Chillers and How They Work

A chiller is similar to an air conditioner or refrigerator in that it compresses gas to cool the temperature of aquarium water. A heat exchanger, along with gas, separates heat from the water, carries the heat to a radiator, and releases it from the chiller with a fan. Some chillers are simple to use and some are complicated, requiring some plumbing work during installation.