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Aquarium additives are available to help keep balance, and this is why testing the aquarium water is so important, as it is the testing that will indicate what the water parameters are and allow you to make any adjustments with the appropriate additives when necessary.

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  • Brightwell Aquatics NeoNitro

    Brightwell Aquatics NeoNitro

    £17.99 Including VAT

    Brightwell Aquatics NeoNitro – Balanced Nitrogen Source for Nitrogen-Limited, Low-Nutrient Reef Aquaria

  • Tropic Marin Pro Coral Iodine 50ml

    Tropic Marin Pro Coral Iodine 50ml

    £13.95 Including VAT

    Tropic Marin Pro Coral Iodine

    Tropic Marin PRO-CORAL IODINE Lugol´s Solution for saltwater aquaria of all the trace elements found in natural seawater, iodine is associated with the widest range of effects.

    Iodine prevents goitre as an important component of the thyroid hormone. It also is essential for the hardening of the chitinous shell of crustaceans. Corallinaceous red algae deposit iodine in surface structures and gorgonias deposit it in the axial skeleton.

    Experiments clearly show that PRO-CORAL IODINE improves the adaptation to light and the colouring of anthozoa, especially of hard corals. Due to its unstable nature in solution, iodine should be added to a marine aquarium on a regular basis. PRO-CORAL IODINE contains iodine in its most effective form, as elementary I2.

    Application: Add one drop of PRO-CORAL IODINE per 200 litres / 50 gallons of aquarium system water volume in the circulation flow of the system daily. If a dosage day is missed, skip that dose. Do not make up lost days by adding doses together. Iodine demand increases with aquarium population density.

    In heavily populated aquaria dosage may be increased up to the maximum dosage below. Maximum dosage: Do not exceed a maximum dosage of two drops per 50 gallons of aquarium system water volume per day.