Acclimatisation Procedure

Acclimatizing your new corals is a important method to make sure they survive and thrive in your system. individuals use several strategies however most of them are terribly similar, below is our most popular choice:

1. take out coral carefully from box and keep it within the polyethylene bag or container that it had been shipped in.

2. Float the bag or container in your sump area or main tank for around twenty minutes, this will equalize the temperature of the water within the bag to that of the system it’s planning to be placed.

3. Open the bag or place coral with shipping water into another small container.

4. employing a piece of airline or similar with an air control valve hooked up, if one not on the market then simply tie a knot within the airline, begin a siphon from the most system and drip water slowly from there into the bag/container housing the new coral (I use around one drip per 2 seconds). Once the bag/container is close to full then disregard some water and continue the method (never place any of the shipping water into your system). I persist with this method for around ninety minutes to confirm the new coral is totally acclimatized to the new water conditions.

5. currently it’s time to remove the coral from bag/container and carefully place it in your tank somewhere close to the bottom. Leave it there and lift it slowly over a period of days so as it will adjust to the different lighting on your tank.

This careful method is important to making sure your coral or the other livestock’s long-term success.