We’re a small but perfectly formed business and have only recently decided to open up our online shop to take our company to the next level.Headed up by Anthony, a coral growing enthusiast, Fraggle Reef is committed to delivering the very best coral to customers all over the UK.While growing colorful coral frag has always been a passion of Anthony’s, his experience is owed to a previous position at Tropical Marine Centre, which gave him a great deal of expertise within the aquatic trade. Anthony has also kept marine fish and corals since the early 90s and has over twenty years of experience – though is always excited to learn more about the intricacies and nuances of coral growing and care. In fact, it was only when he started running low on space in his reef show tank that he decided to not only share his passion with people but create a brilliant business out of his hobby too!With years of experience and a dedication to providing only ethically sourced coral to clients, Fraggle Reef has gone from strength to strength, and now, with room to grow many more coral types we are proud to offer a truly diverse and exciting collection which can be viewed in person by arranging an appointment via our online contact form.

Our ​Philosophy​

Fraggle Reef Ltd is committed to sustainably farming coral, which means that the majority of coral available on our site is second generation, grown within the United Kingdom. It is our goal to provide beautiful coral frags to anyone who wants them, without causing disruption or destruction to the valuable ecosystem that coral provides.While there are several alternative ‘farms’ out there, who choose to import massive amounts of coral and cut them up, that’s not what Fraggle Reef is about. In fact, many of the brood stock colonies that give the supply for the frags we sell have been acquired from fellow reefers as frags then full-grown on.Fraggle Reef Ltd is based in leafy Bedfordshire, and much of our coral is grown on-site. We tend to concentrate on SPS (soft) corals; however, as our business expands, we are pleased to offer an ever-growing choice of LPS and Zoas.Company Number 12579545 VAT Number 347564277

Get InTouch​

Get in touch with us to start building your dream reef today!If you’ve got any queries or questions, we’d love to hear from you.Please message us using our contact form, and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible, or alternatively, you can reach out to us via our Facebook page.