5-Day 100% Guarantee

5-Day 100% Guarantee Fraggle Reef
Customer service is our priority; therefore, we offer you a “5-Day Guarantee” 100% Risk-Free. When you make a purchase from Fraggle Reef you can buy with 100% confidence. Each customer purchase comes with a commitment from the Fraggle Reef team for the health of your animals and the satisfaction of your order. No hassles just provide us with a photo of the coral within 5 days including your last test results which should include the following information.

Specific Gravity
Nitrate (NO3)
Nitrite (NO2)
Ammonia (NH3)

Also, information how long your aquarium has been set up for and details on your filtration and lights.


If your new coral addition does not stay alive for 5 days, we will issue you a credit or replacement with the same coral. We do not cover any shipping costs for replacement orders unless more than half your order is DOA or if Royal Mail, UPS or FedEx delays your order.


The following applies to our 5-Day Guarantee:


  • You must have a reef aquarium ready to maintain corals with proper parameters we will require your parameters.
  • Email us with a clear picture of the deceased specimen within 5 days of delivery time posted by Royal Mail UPS or FedEx. You can also fill in the Claim Form below.
  • DO NOT remove the coral from the plug for 5 days or guarantee is void.
  • DO NOT discard or ship the specimen back without Fraggle Reef authorization, doing so will void the guarantee.
  • DO NOT refuse the shipment if the box is leaking or appears damaged or guarantee is void.
  • Guarantee applies to online orders only.
  • Any order cancellations will be credited for 1 year or refunded with a 20% restocking fee.
  • Currently, we offer an arrive alive guarantee on non-coral inverts, the 5-day guarantee only applies to corals (LPS, SPS & Soft Corals)
  • Packs & discounted corals get either replacements or credit for the amount paid, not items original price.
  • If FedEx, Royle Mail or UPS fails to deliver, we take full responsibility and the “5-Day Guarantee” is applied for the lost corals and you get a “10-Day Guarantee” update for the alive corals.
  • If you lose more than 50% of the corals during shipping or inside the 5-day guarantee, we add the shipping cost to the store credit.
  • No refunds on livestock, only credit or replacement!


Please bear in mind:

* Livestock credit cannot be used for shipping rates. We do not cover shipping charges.

* Discounted corals get either replacements or credit for the amount paid, not items original price.

* Wholesalers and stores have only 24 hours guarantee.

Specific Gravity 1.024 - 1.026
Temperature 24-25.5 °C – Celsius
PH 8.1 - 8.4
Calcium 380 - 450 PPM
Magnesium 1300 - 1450 PPM
Nitrate (NO3) <30 PPM
Phosphate <0.1 PPM
Nitrite (NO2) Undetectable
Ammonia (NH3) Undetectable

Please fill in the form below for claims on corals that deceased in transit.

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
Coral Conditioning

Coral Conditioning


We keep all live corals in our care 30 to 90 days before offering any live coral for sale. Giving you the best possible coral with the highest chance at success.

Personal Selection

Personal Selection


All livestock is expertly hand picked in person or from exact pictures by our owner, Anthony Emson. This allows us to offer the very best coral for sale for your aquarium.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping


We offer one of the very lowest free shipping minimums. Spend £150 or more and enjoy 100% Free UPS Express Overnight Shipping. Spend less than £150 and shipping is just £15. We never charge any other box charges or fees.

Professional Shipping

Professional Shipping


With industry leading experience, we expertly pack every single order with the utmost care and closely study weather data. We spare no expense on packing materials to ensure each coral is safe and secure for its transit. Our track record is among the best in the world with a 99.99% live arrive rate.

120 Hour Guarantee

120 Hour Guarantee


We take the risk out of buying coral online. Our guarantee allows you to receive the items and monitor them for 120 hours (5 full days).