Quality Coral Frags For Your Home Reef Aquarium

Are you looking for stunning coral frags to add colour and texture to your home aquarium? At Fraggle Reef we are delighted to provide our customers with a diverse and attractive selection of ethically sourced and sustainable quality coral frags from round the world.

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If you are searching for the best quality coral frags, look no further. We know how important it is to care for each and every coral, and are experts at preserving and looking after our coral so that it not only survives, but thrives. That means when you buy coral from us, you can rest assured that any new additions to your marine aquarium are received in the very best condition possible.

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Coral Conditioning

We keep all live corals in our care 30 to 90 days before offering any live coral for sale. Giving you the best possible coral with the highest chance at success.

Personal Selection

All livestock is expertly hand picked in person or from exact pictures by our owner, Anthony Emson. This allows us to offer the very best coral for sale for your aquarium.

Free Shipping

 We offer one of the very lowest free shipping minimums. Spend £150 or more and enjoy 100% Free UPS Express Overnight Shipping. Spend less than £150 and shipping is just £15. We never charge any other box charges or fees.

Professional Shipping

With industry leading experience, we expertly pack every single order with the utmost care and closely study weather data. We spare no expense on packing materials to ensure each coral is safe and secure for its transit. Our track record is among the best in the world with a 99.99% live arrive rate.

120 Hour Guarantee

We take the risk out of buying coral online. Our guarantee allows you to receive the items and monitor them for 120 hours (5 Full days).

A bit about coral

Coral are incredible marine invertebrates that create a beautiful part of a healthy reef. Coral lives in tropical oceans where they secrete calcium carbonate, forming a skeleton. They contain some of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet, protecting coastlines from the damage that waves can cause and providing a nutrient-rich habitat for a significant number of different types of marine life.
Coral grows in two forms – hard coral (the hard bone-like calcium structure), and soft coral (the more malleable part which provides the vibrant colours and textures of the reef).

Hard Corals

Hard corals are also known as stony corals and are categorised into two different types which define them by size, namely LPS (large polyp stony), and SPS (small polyp stony). Hard corals grow in big colonies and bond together to form the large rocky structures that are visible when we go diving in the tropical seas. As living creatures, they feed off the marine life around them with the SPS corals feeding off the algae plankton and LPS corals eating small fish and crustaceans.
Corals are living creatures, and 25% of all marine life needs corals to help support them. They are made up of microscopic animals called coral polyps, and that plus their skeletons which are left behind after they die are what forms the solid coral structure.

Soft Corals

Soft Corals, also known as mushroom corals, are genuinely magical looking creatures and create a magical underworld of iridescent colours, patterns, and textures below the waves in both warm and colder seas and oceans. They are more delicate and have soft cores and will move about, gently swaying in the currents like the forests of the sea. Soft corals are easier to keep and can be more suited to those who are just learning about how to maintain and care for coral frag. They won’t necessarily need to be fed algae in order to stay alive either.

Why buy coral for your home aquarium?

If you love to keep fish, adding Coral to your aquarium can be a smart move. Not only will this cheer up the aesthetic providing a range of colours and textures, Coral can also help to keep fish and other marine life happy by creating a thriving ecosystem for them to inhabit. Learning about how to keep coral can also become an engaging and absorbing hobby too!

Purchasing and caring for your Corals – our top tips

Buying and caring for corals can start off as something you simply desire to do to brighten up your tank, but many people find that once they begin to learn about the different types and how to care for their corals, this can turn into a lifelong obsession! In fact, did you know that Aquaculture is the cultivation of aquatic organisms? Aquacultured species include a wide range of popular ornamental species, like corals, and are a viable alternative to wild-harvested species.
Here are some of our most useful tips.
Beginners should take it slowly. While caring for Coral isn’t necessarily rocket science, it’s good to go for the beginner types to start with so opt for sort corals initially.
Be aware that corals can sting! Remember, your Coral is a living thing, and some types even have tentacles, which they use to hurt and stun their prey. Make sure you do your research and if you do want to take on the stinging types, be aware!
Both water and lighting are essential, so make sure that you invest in good-quality versions of both.

Any more questions before you buy Coral? We’re happy to help!

The team at Fraggle Reef is here to help ensure that you pick the best coral types for your tank and will be able to provide you with lots of great advice and recommendations as well as answer any questions that you might have. You can get in touch via our contact page, by filling out our simple form, and we will get back to you right away.
So if you are interested in buying captivating corals for your aquarium, whether you are looking for hard corals or soft corals, we are delighted to offer the very best range, the ultimate in quality, and pride ourselves on our excellent value prices and speedy delivery too!